Documentary film 

6 x 10minute Series

The AFL Women’s competition is at the forefront of an extraordinary transformation that’s taking place in Australian sport.


Over the course of eight intense weeks AFLW shook up the masculine sporting landscape - the players showcased their own style of football, smashed perceptions about women’s sport and inspired a generation of girls. 


In a short season every win and loss is magnified. On top of their training and match day commitments the players juggle work or study. It’s a very different life to an AFL player.


HEROES is a celebration of the inaugural season from its breathtaking opening night to its dramatic conclusion.




League Of Her Own tells the remarkable story of the rise of women’s football one hundred years after women first played the game.


Following three players – Moana Hope, Stephanie Chiocci and Tayla Thorn – as they chase their dream of making it to the big league.


Cheering them on from the sidelines are the pioneers of the women’s game who heroically fought for respect and recognition and an army of young girls who want to follow in their footsteps.